We are specialist in crop and arable farming, Agro consultancy, exportation of kolanuts and shea butter.

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Agricultural consultancy

Our experienced and qualified team of Agricultural experts will take care of all your Agricultural needs.

Poultry farm setup

Are you thinking of setting up a poultry farm but don’t know how to go about it? We’ll take you through every step of starting a poultry farm.

Farm plantation Set up

Are you thinking about starting a farm? We will help you set up your farm with ease and provide all equipments and machinery needed.

Supplies of Agricultural inputs

We supply Agricultural input such as seeds, fertilizers, manures and agro chemicals needed for farmig.

Land procurement

Affordable farmland for mechanized farming that is very rich farmland for both arable and cash crop. You take possession immediately the land is paid for.

Pen house construction

We will help you build your desired and dream poultry house and make it a reality. Our Services are very fast and reliable.

About Us

EL-EMET Agro Consultancy is an indigenous agribusiness with operations in crop farming, animal husbandry, and Agricultural services. The company has been built on the ethos of providing a one stop shop for all outsourced agricultural services required by the livestock and arable farmer. Through the utilisation of these services, our clients benefit from reduced overheads, flexibility through a choice of equipment, and a wealth of knowledge from our experienced staff.

Our progress in a market that is constantly shifting has allowed us to diversify into new sectors. In addition to specializing in farm management and agricultural services we now offer exports of sheabutter and Kolanut.

Need Us TO Help Set Up Your Farm?

We are here to help you set up your farm from start to finish at a reasonable price without you breaking the bank. Contact us today to discuss how to make your Agribusiness profitable.

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